Commercial Services

NEi operates four commercial businesses, including shelf stocking, custodial services, groundskeeping/ landscaping, and document scanning. Contact us for a quote!

Grocery Store Shelf of Fruits

Retail Shelf Stocking

The NEi team works during the day and night to keep shelves fully stocked with consumer goods, including everything from baby formula and canned goods, to pet food and personal hygiene products.

Women Washing Hands

Custodial Services

NEi provides custodial services for a number of private business, as well as federal and state government agencies, including both routine custodial services and major periodic cleaning. We service large office buildings, medical facilities, and portable trailers.

Men Doing Landscaping

Groundskeeping Services

NEi services both large and small groundskeeping projects. We service and maintain everything from residential streets and private homes, to fire access roads, waterways and more.

Woman Holding Paper at Printer

Document Scanning & Document Destruction Services

If you are looking increase physical space in your home or office, document scanning may be the solution. NEi converts paper documents to electronic files with an in-house document scanning service.