How to Become a Partner Employer

Currently, Network Enterprises, Inc. (NEi) is seeking to partner with companies interested in providing an internship or training slot for some of our clients. Network Enterprises, Inc. is a private, non-profit company locally established in 1985; that has contracted with the State of Hawaii to facilitate and provide training for individuals with little or no significant work histories.

Some benefits of partnering with NEi include:

  • Screening of potential full-time staff
  • Wage coverage for trainees
  • Worker training and support
  • Accommodation consultation

Interested companies are expected to provide part time entry-level job slots at the company site for up to four months at a time, allowing NEi’s trainees the opportunity to learn an occupational skill while being exposed to the high demands of the workplace.

Since the goal of this program is to assist the trainees in obtaining full time, permanent positions that are mutually satisfying to both the trainee and the employer, the partnering company can opt to directly hire these trainees as regular employees, (provided that the trainee concurs), or may choose to have another trainee after the four months training has expired.

The trainees’ wages and all payroll taxes (worker’s compensation, SSI, FICA, and TDI benefits) will be covered by NEi. All trainees are paid the current State of Hawaii minimum wage per hour, and can work up to 19½ hours per week. NEi will also provide an on-site job coach to work with the trainee and his/her immediate supervisor/manager free of charge.

If you are interested in learning more about this training program or are interested in becoming a partner employer please feel free to contact us at 521-7774 or email us.

How to Become an Employer Partner Steps

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